Standard Oxygen Flowmeter


Oxygen Flowmeter, 0-15 LPM, with Ohmeda Adapter: GentecĀ® Flowmeters have an antimicrobial and environmentally friendly additive* in the rotary knobs. Extremely durable, the hood and metering tube are made out of polycarbonate. Needle valves for maximum flow control precision. Green color-coding indicates oxygen. All flowmeters have a stainless steel ball float, are thoroughly tested for accuracy and are back-pressure compensated. Comes with a full 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. Aluminum body, weight (no adapter): 4.24 oz/122 gm. Increment: 0-6 LPM in Ā½ LPM increment, 6-15 LPM in 1 LPM increment. Flush Flow Rate: 65 LPM (depending on supply flow). Max Inlet Pressure: 100 psig. *This product does not protect users or others against disease-causing bacteria.

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